Mittwoch, Mai 10, 2006


wood garlic

I started my day in the woods today. I was there with a school class and a project called „experiencing nature“. They were equipped with pots and brushes and of course loupes. They were standing in the runnel and fishing tiny animals out and the project leaders where explaining them under the loupes what animals they are or what this creatures will soon turn into.
It was such a beautiful and sunny morning, but it was still quite cold under the trees. The whole floor was covered in green and white because of plenty of woods garlic.
The moods and sceneries that the sun painted though the fresh green leaves of the trees was just amazingly beautiful. I started missing my little village and my granny who I used to go to the woods with.
But the best thing about it is, that this all is happening in Vienna. Vienna is such a green city, that you can be almost wherever and it will never take you longer then 20-30 minutes to be in the middle of a forest! It was a wonderful and energizing start into my day.

That sounds like a peaceful start of the day! But dear, how do you end up in the woods with a school class?
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