Dienstag, Mai 02, 2006


mocow :-)

The 3rd time in 5 month that I am in Moscow. Some things are always the same. Till the very last minute I never know if I actually do get the visa. The travel is always exhausting and the weather here is always unexpected. When I was here in December I expected it to be freezing cold. It was around 0°Celcius, which you can easily have in Vienna too. This time a departed from 6°Celcius in Vienna and landing in Moscow it has 20°Celcius. Maybe I should start using Internet weather forecasts more. And- I just paid 12 Euros for 1 hour Internet in the hotel here, as I really had to read one important mail. There was no cheaper option anywhere near the hotel…

Ufff... 12 Euros, not bad ;)

Nice to read your blog after a little break!

I love trainings and being trainer and hope to do this on professional level!
Don't we all love Moscow? ;-)
I like mocow better, it sound swahili-like.
That was some nasty internet connection, :S!
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