Freitag, Februar 23, 2007


see this

Phil Hansen's Art

Sonntag, Februar 18, 2007


chick flicks

I love chick flicks and I detest them.
I love them because I like to just enjoy a movie where I do not have to think much, where a happy end is guaranteed, where there is lots of romantic mushy stuff. But I hate them for the same reasons, I mean, real live is not always ending happily ever after and there is much less mushy stuff, at least in my life. But then again it is so easy to dream away …
When I think of it rationally, all those beautiful people, with no money issues, in those gorgeous houses on the beach or in the forest or the pent houses, with their enormous success – so not real, why the hell is it so easy to get me all emotional with them? Not that I get less emotional in non-chick-flick movies, but they are usually closer to reality. Maybe the surrounding just does not count when the emotions appear familiar. The only thing that makes me sob even more is films about friendship and about mother and daughter relationships. “Me without you”, "Beaches”, “The divine secrets of the Ya-Ya sisterhood” , “Fried green tomatoes” or last but not least "stepmom"
But enough about weeping.

Donnerstag, Februar 15, 2007



i am in pain! working in the household is dangerous!

Dienstag, Februar 13, 2007


statement to the commission on social development

to the 45th session of the Commission for Social Development
Presentation of the World Youth Report 2007

Dear Chair- dear Delegates-

The slow and delayed progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals is, frankly speaking, a major disappointment for all, and particularly, for the youth of the world: this failure in acting to solve humanity’s most agonising problems is unsatisfactory and dangerous. As youth organisations, we will comprehend our responsibility and duty to hold governments accountable for their actions and their inaction in this regard.

With twelve years of the World Programme on Action for Youth having passed, a great deal of work still remains to be done; yet while the list of problems that need to be tackled continues to grow, the willingness and enthusiasm of young people to contribute to the success of the programme remain unbroken. As it is imperative that all possible means and tools are mobilised to achieve the MDGs –it is therefore evident that the World Programme of Action for Youth needs to be connected to the MDGs and must itself have targets and goals.

Youth organisations continue to be steadfast advocates for the participation and inclusion of young people in all levels of decision-making - equally crucial throughout the world. While the mainstream media continually portrays an over-simplistic image of young people as passive and apathetic or violent, we know this is unreflective of our true diversity, potential and passion; obvious, indeed, through the dedication and professionalism exhibited by the youth representatives here at the CSocD. But looking at the origin of the youth representatives does, however, make it evident once again that there is a need for resources and commitment to assure youth representation from all regions of the world.

I can only remind governments of the apparent need to have more youth representatives involved in the UN system, as well as to promote and recognise the key role of national youth councils, international and regional youth platforms and NGOs. Youth organisations together with governments and the UN system, can define priorities, set goals and targets, and implement decisions on the local, national and international level, while monitoring indicators.

Many Agencies and Programmes of the UN system, as well as governments, have already acknowledged that youth is key to development most explicitly the World Bank. It is essential for governments and the UN System to make sure young people are not only a rhetorical priority in speeches and sound bites, but a genuine priority in policies and budgets. Governments, the UN and youth organisations together are responsible for being guardians, promoters and multipliers of the World Programme of Action for Youth by complementing each other in order to address shared concerns in a holistic manner.

In addition there is a clear need for inter-agency coordination on Youth issues in the UN system. We strongly recommend that the UN Youth Programme, in constant consultation with youth organisations, should undertake this coordination.


Young people are often seen as those most susceptible to influence and of having their opinions and ideas swayed by trends, but it is us, in fact, that can provide a sense of stability and cling to long-held visions of peace and cooperation. We are the ones that have already understood that Sustainable development is a basis for all political work. All political decisions must be marked by the right of all coming generations to shape their world without being required to face the consequences of an earlier generation's ecological, social or economic activities.

Our generation has developed an understanding that poverty is an outrageous violation of human rights and climate change a threat to humanity; and that the solution is a global partnership for development. The Millennium Development Goals are ambitious, but they are not unreachable. There is an urgent need for a renewed commitment from political leaders and a real commitment for the full and effective involvement of civil society in the decision-making that will affect us.

Mister chair - let me conclude:
- It is imperative to establish goals for the World Programme of Action for Youth in accordance with the MDGs.
- It is essential to increase youth participation at all levels and assure greater regional balance of youth delegates to the UN.
- It is indispensable to have a greater UN inter agency coordination led by the UN Youth Programme.

Thank you chair.

Mittwoch, Februar 07, 2007


big apple

I arrived in New York, and found a freaky little sleeping box – African style – in the chelsea star hotel. it is tropically hot in the room, really cold outside and all a bit weird. I guess it is typically American :-). Anyhow, I am here and I hope I will manage to see something of the town – including friends.
All those of you who asked me to buy things for them – please remind me frequently what it was, as I got so many buying requests, that I never properly listed, that I will need your help!
update:tropical for my room was an understatement. and outside it is fucking cold.

Sonntag, Februar 04, 2007



I know that many people do not like Brussels because it is grey and does not have the best city planning when it comes to architecture or public transport. But for me Brussels I much more about the work I do and the people I meet. The last few days ins Brussels were great; so many people here I like and I admire for the work they do – secretariat of the YFJ, Council of Europe Affairs Commission, IGLYO board, ECOSY winter university, Balkan gatherings, lot of INGYOs here – so many people to meet, discussions to have, friends to play with and so little time left after work. Brussels is always hectic for me, because I have difficulties to prioritise who to meet and what to do after leaving the office (which is a black hole to; where one can easily get lost). Yesterday, you might not believe it; the sky in Brussels was blue, which made my whole stay here even more pleasant.

Donnerstag, Februar 01, 2007



This was the warmest winter since 1776 in Austria.
correction: January

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