Donnerstag, April 20, 2006


bless you

I’ve been sneezing around for a while now. Taking anti-histamines against the cruelty of spring makes me tired. Not taking anything makes me feel really unattractive – with my running nose, swollen eyes and so on. Not going outside to enjoy the sun that I have been waiting for, for the last 6 months at least makes me cranky. Yes, I am dependent on the weather, to a greater extent than I would like to be. And yes, spring weather makes me moody.

I love your sneezing, and your swollen eyes with or without guinea pigs.

enjoyed cinema yesterday! remember the dancing bartender...
you just love it because it makes you laugh!
I'm not that mean. I just wanted to say I love you even if you are leaking.

ok with the guinea-pig-effect you are killingly funny...
You had a whole conference that totally fell in love with you. You obviously weren't unattractive to others, hon.
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