Montag, April 24, 2006


back again

Me and Strasbourg. A strange relationship. Not that it is my favorite town in the world. But I have to honestly admit, coming back here after a longer while felt like coming to a familiar place. Felt like coming home to friends. Partly this is because there was still sun when I landed, that makes it a lot more pleasant then waiting for the bus in the cold and dark.
I remember, one time I was picked up by car from the airport, that was definitely my best arrival.
Still I live in a prison cell here with no proper window, still the computer is super slow and in addition they now forbid smoking in the building. Not only in the building, also on the roof terrace, which I find particularly unfair! But, I am not here for smoking, but for further developing and enhancing the all different – all equal campaign. Lets see how that goes.

so whats the outcome of the further development of 'all different - all euqal' then??
We finished the programme for the year 2006 at the European level, not all of the dates are fixed jet, but the programme will soon be published on the website of the campaign. in addition we planned the launching event during the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in June. All in all, small steps but finally getting concrete!
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