Montag, Mai 01, 2006


council of members

I had the great luck of spending the last days in Prato, a city in Tuscany, Italy, with a population of around 180,00. When I went there I only brought summer cloths. But, unfortunately it was most of the time rather chilly and also raining. I did unfortunately only see the airport in Firenze (longer then I wanted) and the hotel in Prato. As you can imagine I was not there for holidays but for a conference - the Council of Members from them European Youth Forum. Though on the arrival day everything seemed rather chaotic, in the end everything went well, organisational and content wise. We had very interesting debates on the Future of the Youth Forum in 8 smaller working groups and I am already very curious about the contributions from the members concerning the strategic priorities for the Forum. In addition it was great to see friends again, to talk to some of them, unfortunately I did not manage to talk to everyone I wanted to spend quality time with, but I will meet them again. Now I am preparing myself to go to Moscow. It is the first steering group meeting for the youth event in St. Petersburg later this year.

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