Montag, Juli 31, 2006


childhood myths IV

Tom made me aware that I should add an additional childhood myth of mine to this blog.
I grew up on the countryside in Austria. Very close to the original villa of the von Trapp Family, the real life people that the Film and Music “The Sound of Music” showed. So we had lots of coaches with the “Sound of Music” label on the sides driving around. Till I was about 12 I seriously thought that “Sound of Music” is just a coach company like Greyhound.


word of the week


Samstag, Juli 29, 2006


plastic plates

After almost a week in Vienna I am off to camping again, this time for real. I was just trying to find out if I have anywhere a plastic or metal cup, bowl and plate… And I can tell you, it is not the case! And I am very reluctant to take rainproof clothing - I mean let’s be honest, why should it suddenly start raining when whole Europe is in a dry season.
But then again, looking at the weather forecast for Maidstone, it seems to have 22°C only the next 5 days. I am not a good camper; I should not have done this…

Donnerstag, Juli 27, 2006


heat wave

It is just way to hot to stay in front of my laptop and write for the blog.
In addition to the already unbearable heat, this laptop is heating up the room even more, so it is best to not use it at all. Happy that mobile phone don't get hot so easily :-)
But other then in Spain, where i was last week, no place where i go in Austria has air conditioning, really miss that part about spain!
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Dienstag, Juli 18, 2006



You Are a Frappacino

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Mittwoch, Juli 12, 2006



I have been to slovakia today. the first time in my life!
Just very short, but i have been in slovakia!



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Montag, Juli 10, 2006



Samstag, Juli 08, 2006


guided tour

Facts about Finland – original quotes from Rippsuu – a travel guide that made my life fun during a bus ride from Hyvinkää to Helsinki.
“Finland has many trees. Most of them are birch trees. Birch trees have many leaves, unfortunately they have no leaves in winter.” “Finland has 4 season, March, April and May are spring, June, July and August are summer, September, October and November are autumn, and in December, January and February we have snow” “in Finland drivers licenses are very expensive. But a course on how to drive on ice is included” “in Helsinki a beer costs 5 euro, this is 30
Fin-Mark, because one Euro is 6 Fin-Mark. If you want to bring your coat to the cloak room it is 2 Euros, this is 12 Fin-Mark” “In Finland we sometimes invite guests. We also prepare our guests dinner”
This and many other surprising facts such as “this is the railway station, if you want to take the train you need to go to the railway station” or “this is the opera house, we use the opera house for showing operas” is what I have learned about the country. If you are interested in a little crash course on Finland, just let me know, might come handy to know those facts now, during the presidency!!!

Donnerstag, Juli 06, 2006



First I have been in Hyvinkää at the youth event, which was very interesting. I will have to write more about it later. Also about the exquisit guided tour that we got there! But now i am here for the informal council of ministers for employment and social affaires.

Proactive responses to globalisation, technological development and demographic change are key challenges for EU Member States. The aim of the Finnish Presidency of the Council of the European Union is to find ways to meet these challenges by developing working life and refocusing employment, social and health policies. They are shared future challenges for all these sectors and therefore a horizontal approach is required. During the informal meeting of the ministers responsible for employment, social affairs and health we will discuss the theme from three different angles in parallel ministerial workshops: I. Higher productivity by developing the quality of working life II. How can working careers be prolonged during the lifecycle by social policy III. How to promote health in the world of work. Lets see if the ministers find interesting conclusions!

Samstag, Juli 01, 2006


white nights

On my way to Hyvinkää now, exploring the misty moods of the Finnish countryside but also attending the youth event of the Finnish EU presidency. The aim of the meeting is to strengthen the tripartite cooperation between youth administration, youth research and young people in European decision-making. A second goal is to explore the different forms and contents, both old and new, of young active citizenships through discussions.



Some people think you have a problem
But that problem lies only with them
Just cause you are not like the others

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