Dienstag, April 18, 2006


save heaven

I spent Easter once again in Berlin at Queer Easter. It was my 3rd queer Easter. The first one that came close to a gender balance and I am happy about that.
Queer Easter is an event jointly organised by the International Falcon Movement (IFM-SEI), by the Young European Socialists (ECOSY) and the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY).
This year’s seminar was dedicated to awareness raising.
It is a really cool seminar with some really special things. The majority of the participants are queer, lesbian, bi-sexual, gay or transgender (LGBT). If you go to the seminar and are straight you are in a minority. Other then in our everyday life, where everyone assumes that one is heterosexual during queer Easter everyone assumes one is LGBT and the straight people have to come out to the group as straight. This is usually a very impressive eye opener for straight people.
I kind of like this turned around system. I like the way people feel liberated to show their true selves and the way people are open and feel save. For some participants this is the only time a year where they are completely out and proud of who they are.
Such a safe heaven event is very intense of coarse. So many people start questioning and reflecting about many things during this one week of save space. This is really cool and you can see how motivated people leave Berlin afterwards.
At the same time it is dangerous. Many people get really depressed that the world is not exactly like it seems during Easter. I just hope that everyone can turn this experience into something positive and constructive. It is a highly interactive and committed atmosphere and all participants really know why they are fighting against discrimination and what it means to be disciminated against every day.
For me, this seminar has been the most intense experience in a long time, i took a lot of food for thoughts home with me.

Bettina, your'e a star. A bright, shining star on a pitch black summer's night. I wish I'd spent more time with you at Queer Easter, but we're making up for it now, I think!! See you around 5th June when you're over in the UK, I'm counting down the days!!
Love you trillions,
*Fucking Dyke* x x x
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