Dienstag, April 18, 2006



Originally, in my school students’ organisation I did a lot of training. I loved it, I like the way you get immediate feedback, I like the learning experience that I make during training and the one of the participants, I like the atmosphere.
Lately I have not done much training, I give lectures or speeches, and I talk at panel discussions or chair meetings. So I am missing training.
So I did not progress my skills in training. I did not learn by doing, I did not attend trainings where I would have watched and observed others, I did not training for trainers. My whole environment did progress though. People from my school student and student organisations have done further training for trainers’ courses or trained a lot and through structured debate and so on learned a lot.
When I was at the pool of trainers meeting of the youth forum last week in Preddvor this became apparent. And I also realised how much I miss training.
Last week at queer Easter I was supposed to give training and I realised how insecure I became. Usually when you do a plan for the training and you have a set of methods in case you need to adapt something to the groups needs. Now I have the feeling the methods are not part of my active knowledge anymore and this made me nervous.
Guess I should do something against it and learn by doing again.
I am happy that i could take part at the pool of trainers meeting which made me realise how much i miss training.

Hey Bettina,

I just wanted to say that I thought you did really well in the training I participated in (on campaigning). You were one of the best, if not the best, trainers at QE.
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