Dienstag, April 04, 2006


spring council

Already in the European Employment Strategy, adopted in 1997, die EU member states were meant to ensure that every young person is offered a start in the labour market before 6 months of unemployment.
9 years have passed since and there are still too many unemployed young people in Europe.
At the spring council last week the heads of states and government decided to reemphasise this goal. This time the council conclusion added that by 2010 every young person should be offered a job or further training within no more then 4 months.
Let’s see if this time, with the youth pact and the demonstrations in France, something more then in the last 9 years is going to happen, at least this urgency for action was emphasised a lot during the informal council of ministers for youth in Bad Ischl.

I'm not realy optimistic that something realy will change soon in this topic :/

Warm greetings!
the economic system of the free european market must be chenged,
the capitalist system is benefiting only the rich and not the poor...
class WAR

nice picture by the way
greetings from cold estonia, still minus 2 degrees here...
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