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I usually do not have nightmares. I only remember 1 nightmare from childhood where I dreamt that there was a crocodile in granny’s soup pot. Scary, I can tell you. But tonight I had a nightmare. I woke up and knew it was a dream only, but I could not stop thinking about it and I was really frightened. I was so frightened that I did not dare to turn around my head. I was thinking of who I could call in the middle of the night, and actually decided not to call anyone. Though I was close to call Clemens, who lives in New York and for him it would have been a more decent time to be called then for anyone here in Europe. I would have called my flat mate to crawl into my bed and take care of me, but he was not at home. Bad luck. Finally I managed to turn my head around, reach out for my laptop and started doing personality quiz stuff on the Internet. Now I know that my mental age is around 90! That sucks. I know that my holiday theme song is “we are family” and such things. I am not sure what was scarier, my nightmare or the actual results of the psycho tests, who basically say that I am as conventional and boring as it gets.

And do you mind asking me: what was your nightmare about?

living and working on elmstreet ;-)
yeah, good question! what's the nightmare?? and what's the link to the psycho test? fancy doing it, just to figure out, if i'm more boring than you ;-)
request about my nightmare will be answered on the phone and via e-mail, but not on this blog.

and as a web site for insomnia - occupational therapy i can only recommend: http://web.tickle.com/tests/

and sweet dreams tonight
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