Montag, April 24, 2006


good old times

On Friday I had a reunion, or as we call it veterans meeting of my old school students organisation. It was nice to see some familiar faces again and talk to those people. Some faces whom I would have preferred not to see, but what shells.
I spent very intensive years from 1994 to 1998 in the organisation, I got to know Austria at the times, by staying in different youth hostels for seminars, I learned all my basic skills in management, organisational matters, rhetorics, politics, and I became a trainer. I still like to look at the pictures of those days and tell stories about the good old times. So it was a really pleasant time journey.
Many of the people I worked with in the last 12 years are much more the colleges to me, they are very important friends. Friends who tell you the truth, friends that are harsh with me at times but would support everything I really want, friends who care for me and who I care for.
The evening ended for me with shouting old austro pop songs, something no one not being Austrian will ever manage to undestand (culturally and linguistically) apart from maybe Schorsch, who tried hard for ages to get to that stage.
It was a really nice evening, though some people living in exile currently, mainly for educational purposes, were missing!

na geh... ich bin ja auch nicht wirklich austrian, aber ich sag nur Proletenpassion.
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