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childhood myths II

As already discussed in a previous post on Sunday, September 18, 2005, I am really interested in other people’s childhood myths. A myth is an explanation of the world that helps us grow. Childhood myths help us explain the world, and help us adapt to it. Sometimes we came up with them on our own, or we did hear them from our parents or even other kids. Here are some I collected.

“My boyfriend’s mother use to tell him that if he didn't take off his socks at bed time that his feet would shrivel up!! He still won't wear his socks to bed even if his toes are frozen!”

“If you swallow your bubble gum, your body can’t digest it and it sticks to your ribs and the proof was that it showed up in your x-rays. I don’t think I felt comfortable swallowing gum until I was in my 20’s.”

“I recently found out that there is no such thing as a dye in pools that makes the water turn bright red if you pee in it. Without hyperbolizing, I can honestly say that to my knowledge, this is the one thing in my life that I've believed the longest that has turned out to be a complete lie.”

“If you swallowed a seed, a plant would grow inside you.”

“All TV shows were live. (I was particularly perplexed when a season of re-runs of the Brady Bunch would end and start from the beginning again — I wondered how the kids got young again.)”

I would be really happy if you share some of your childhood myths with me.

"If you eat dough (Brotteig) you will get worms in your stomach."

"If you spit in the telephone it will come out on the other side."

"If you spill milk your life gets shorten fifteen minutes for every blot." (Yeah, Krishna loves milk)
"If you squint you're eyes will get stuck sooner or later"

My teacher in elementary school: "you feel the urge to pee already when the bladder is only half full" - "And what happens if the bladder gets totally full?" - "Then the bladder will burst, I guess". I kept the fear for years to come.
"If you eat worms they will grow again in your stomach" said my mum to me when I was four years old and enjoying biting the ends off...

My best friend told me on the way to school: "When you step on a crack in the pavement, you will be eaten by a bear!" Even in those days there were not many bears walking around the East of England, but I still believed him.

nice stories!

pip pip

hm ... I had a real difficult times thinking about my childhood myths ... I don't know whether this is because I never had any or because I haven't out-grown them yet.

When I was a little girl my grandma once said that I should not steal raisins from the table even if she turned with her back against me ... said women have another pair of eyes on the back side so she will know ... It took quite some time (measured in years) before I realised that this was a metaphorical expression and kept wondering when mine will grow.

I will let you know as soon I think of any.

i was asked to add some childhood myths of mine and also i can hardly remember. but there is one..when i was little the adults around kept telling me that if i go alone in the woods (that used to be close to the house) the childcatcher will gonna get me. he never got me, though still today i'm frightend walking alone in darkness ;-)
some myths not mentioned

mix coke and aspirin and you'll faint
never go swimming until an hour after you've eaten
hot drinks on a summer day will cool you down
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