Donnerstag, Mai 11, 2006


the national unions of students in europe

This weekend I am going to take part at the first ever ESIB – The National Unions of Students in Europe Alumni meeting. I am really curious and exited to see some old friends and acquaintance again. I will be on a 11 hours train ride to Belgrade the whole day tomorrow, this is the part I am less looking forward to. The alumni’s meeting is linked to the board meeting. This is the meeting where all decisions concerning policies, work plan and budget are taken by the ESIB member organisations. This specific board meeting is the 50th meeting in ESIBs 23 year old history.

you go to so many interesting political meetings...

if i had my way you would use a little more of this space to offer a window into the political content and divisions you are routinely a part of shaping.

you have a rather priveldged position allowing you to see first-hand what's at stake throughout much of europe... even if sometimes through very procedural meetings.

i know you don't just go to these international events to hob-nob, right?
If you read the blog again you can see that I was there for an alumni meeting. So of coarse I may core motivation was to see friends from all over Europe again that I have worked with very hard (during the good old times). Which I by the way successfully did and it made me a very happy person.
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