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austrian airlines

04:40 – Baku, Azerbaijan (01:40 CET)
Now it is official – I hate Austrian Airlines. Exactly 2 weeks ago, they cancelled my flight from Strasbourg to Vienna. I was in a forgiving mood back then. Though it took them 3 hours to re-arrange my travels and the accommodation for the night was shitty, I thought such things could happen. When they ordered only 1 taxi going back and forth 10 times to bring all the passengers where they were supposed to stay for the night, I even blamed it on the French ground staff.

This time I am in Baku; the flight got cancelled once again. The lounge is not even open jet. Oh – what I forgot to mention - the flight was supposed to be at 4:30 am directly to Vienna, instead I am going now at 07:10 to Paris and from there at noon to Vienna. I was supposed to be in Vienna at 6 am and would have to attend a conference from 9 am on, now I will only be in Vienna, if everything goes well till then, at 14:40.

Like to weeks ago there is again no compensation, no free drinks, nothing. In Baku though, other then in Strasbourg the restaurants at the airport are still open – or better already.
My mobile phone is almost empty and for sure the battery of my laptop will also not last all too long.

I had to depart in Baku at 02:45 to be at the airport on time. Luckily I did not feel too well and decided to take a nap at 10pm already, otherwise I would feel even more miserable right now.

I changed some Azeri money from the friends who brought me to the airport. At least I have to do that only once, other passengers were re-booked via Istanbul. They are in Vienna 2 hours earlier. By the time it was my turn in the queue this option was not available anymore. I am not sure if I should be angry because I travel 2 more hours, or if I should be happy because in Paris there will be a lounge, there will be internet and I will be able to pay in Euro again.

And just to re-affirm the conclusion of these events – I hate Austrian Airlines!

Update: 11:40 CET, Paris, France (15:40 Baku time)
I am sapped and on the edge. Not sure if I should just scream at everyone passing my way or if I should just laugh.
Found Internet at the airport, paid for it, tried to access my mails, now my mail providers server is down, how frustrating is that?

But maybe it is better, that I did not read my e-mails, I might have responded too quickly in a not all too friendly mood and then written angry and undiplomatic mails to all sorts of people. Mails where I might have regretted the content and tone afterwards. But this is a “what if” theory anyways, so it does not matter.

I am so ready for a bed and a shower, not sure jet in which order!

16:30 CET – home.

I would be much more angry if my iPod would not have been such good company. Listened to St. Germain, which is really calming me down and for a long long time i gave some attention again to the cranberries!

Nano rules! And the Cranberries rule, too.

And Austrian Airlines suck. Paris Airport sucks, too.
I didn't have an opportunity to use AA yet. But now I'm not in a hurry to do this ;)

What a travel!
wow! now I see what you meant on the phone! thanks for being so amazingly friendly and helpful, especially after such a terrible travel!

Austrian airlines just saved me. This morning I left Ciampino at 5am in order to get my Alitalia flight at nine... which was cancelled. Nobody could provide information and there were especially many loud screaming Italians, overruled by angry Americans missing their flights. In the end I was booked on a austrian airlines flight with 1 1/2 delay...
Now I am home and now I hate also KLM! First I was informed that the ground staff in Milan was striking...then the flight was going...then the flight had a delay and I wouldn't reach my connection in Amsterdam so I was booked on a direct flight to Amsterdam. Wonderful I thought, until I was informed that KLM had 3 hours of delay! Even though we spent the night on the airport with other people flying to Amsterdam and a bottle of Vodka I am angry...especially when my luggage did not arrive in Amsterdam and I discovered that the only way getting home was taking a taxi which costed 32euro! So it has been 15 hours since I left Bad Ischl, going by car or train would have been faster...
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