Freitag, Mai 19, 2006


my flat

I have my own private little aim going on. I have the ambitious goal of having had at least half of the bureau members in my apartment by the end of the mandate (31st of December). So far there already were Renaldas, James, Marianna, Peter and Jan. Beginning of the week they were joined in the club by Diogo. I still think it is embarrassing that Hiro was never here and I am really hoping to get Marta, as she is coming to Vienna for the Seminar on “employment, precarious work and social inclusion” beginning of June, to be held in Stockerau. I like it a lot to be the host, I like to make people feel homey at my place. Since I moved into the apartment in September 2000 I had 8 flat mates, this summer there will be 2 more and from autumn on, I hope I have a bit more stable flat mate situation again. But first goal is, get Hiro and marta into my apartment. (sorry Jaakko, Joao and Leif, looking at the upcoming events, you are too challenging for me!)

Ei, great photo. Where was it?

You are no match for us. I think we had all the Bureau Members already at PH19.
and all the secretariat! I know, you are the best. but you have a priviledged position, you live in brussels!
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