Mittwoch, März 22, 2006


the unexpected

The unexpected hits you the hardest and gives to the most intense pleasures. Imagine you are going to a seminar or for a weekend trip, you have planned it for quite a while but all of a sudden you don’t feel like going anymore. Because of obligations, social or work commitments you go anyways, though you really would prefer to stay home.
But then – you meet the nicest people; you have the funniest and most remarkable experiences.
If I could, I would really try not to expect anything – and therefore could never be disappointed. Unfortunately it does not work for me that way, usually when I plan something I have an idea what I would like it to be and therefore can quite easily be disappointed.
For going to Slovenia I had a quite clear picture about what would happen but not really high expectations. I would go there, meet old friends, do my workshop and leave. Which indeed all happened. In addition the people from the seminar were really nice and fascinating, catching up with the old friends was more needed than I did imagine, Ljubljana is even adorable when it rains. I really regret that I could not stay for the last day of the seminar and for the farewell party.
Luckily I have to go back to Slovenia for the pool of trainers meeting beginning of April.

Embarrassing but useless info – I have never been to Slovakia. Just to say it out loud for once.

And now I am going to Azerbaijan, I am very exited about that. I have never been there before and really look forward to it. With my head I am still in Slovenia – the seminar in Azerbaijan is on the same issues as the one in Slovenia. On equality and non-discrimination and as I did in Slovenia I will present the “all different – all equal” campaign. So maybe the group there is equally nice and the group dynamics catch me and embrace me like they did in Ljubljana.

and i promise i will not kiss swans or any other poultry!

like the symbolism of the picture;)...and go check out the Tatras in Slovakia - a beautiful part of the world with the best fried cheese you will ever taste...
Oooh... Now I wish I had been there as well. do you also know the feeling that you always miss the nicest activities... :)

Slovakia... it also remains unsoiled ground to me. Time to organise something there
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