Montag, März 20, 2006



I am off to Ljubljana now for 2 days. I am taking part in the “equality in action” seminar. Presenting the Campaign “all different – all equal” and giving some instructions on fund raising. But apart from that I am also going to meet friends from good old ESIB times. I am really happy to go there. Also because I like the town a lot; it reminds me a bit of Salzburg, but it is way less posh and snobbish and elitist as Salzburg. In Salzburg you can enjoy a beautiful day in an open-air museum, never being sure what you are allowed to touch and what you are not. But Ljubljana seem to me like a place that one can enjoy living at, that is friendly and young and … just some architectural and superficial similarities, but very different at the scratch. Only downsides of the trip will be, that I have not much time to stay but many hours (more then six hours for one way) in train!

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