Donnerstag, März 16, 2006


kids kids kids

Today was the children’s parliament in my district council. The little monsters brought excellent motions forward and left a big sticky mess (from chocolate and juice) behind them. They presented in total 244 motions, some of them do overlap though or are even the same.Still, quite some work to do when going over the 200 suggestions on how to make the district more like they want it to have. Most of the suggestions concern public and school space, leisure time and street traffic. In the June meeting of the kids’ parliament we have to report back what the progress in implementing their motions is. Let’s see what is possible to manage in the meantime.

The children's parliament is such a damn cool thing.

I wish I would have seen you and the crowd of kids live. In addition to all the fine qualities you combine I imagine that you are a great Kindergartentante, judging your performance as an awesome moderator at Queer Easter. :)

Sadly, I couldn't vote for you in the last elections, but you would have gotten a huge Vorzugsstimme from me.
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