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pranks and practical jokes

When did you last play a trick on someone? Dirty or cheap or any other prank? Something like a school time trick or April fools joke? A practical joke? I have to admit I was never really good or creative at it.

When I was 10 we (my whole school class) wanted to hide from the teacher, at the time we thought that would be really funny. In the last minute we got scared the she would get angry and wanted to go back to class, I sprained my foot and the ligaments in my left foot ankle twitched.

Or it was tradition that after the final exams in high school we would blemish the cars of our teachers. We did not get much more creative then putting tooth paste under the door handle of their cars or wrap them in toilette paper.

And the only person I repeatedly can play April fools jokes on with success is my granny.

It seems that I am a hopeless case, but is anyone out there better?

Is there actually anyone out there with more interesting, creative or to say it as it is – with actually funny pranks??? Do funny pranks exist? Please share your experiences with me! Any smart, clever, quick-witted practical joke you know of? Maybe one you did one yourself or it was played on you? Or at least something you heard of?

I don't know if this is exactly a prank, but my grandma is the world champion in telling the purest load of crap to people and getting them to believe her. (May I proudly mention that I have that inherited from her myself)
Last month she went to the seaside and she wanted to lie down on the beach but it was full of sea weed so she started picking it up so that she could throw it away and lie comfortably. IN the exactly same time a woman came by and asked my grandma what she's doing, to which granma replied she is collecting sea weed because she will put it in her pillow
cause sea weed cures all bodily pain, migrenes, headaches, muscle pains ...
And the woman bought the story and started collecting the weed herself. When she went on, grandma's boyfriend expressed his shock at such inappropriate behaviour, but alas! it was too late.

Then just yesterday we went for a walk by the lake and we met a family that was also just strolling around. And we were talking about where you can buy fresh fish and which salesman will clean them for you (the entrails and all that) and so I said it is better to buy fish uncleaned so you can find something in their stomachs. I didn't really mean that (cause you can't find much in a stomach of a lake fish, for all I know) but the mother of the family took my comment seriously and said that she has never ever found anything in a stomach of a lake fish and explained that she often cleans fish and one can find something in ocean fish, but not is lake fish ...
"Of course," said grandma dead seriously, "you can not find anything in the stomachs of lake fish because all of them go through ex-ray before they put them on sale."
Needless to say, the woman took her seriously.
People look at this seventy-one-year old woman and they can't imagine that she is such a ... storyteller. ;)
I find it hillarious though, cause I know her so well that I can tell when she is telling crap just by the tone of her voice.
I do that to people a lot myself, but I don't know if this is called a prank. It's not a lie either so I don't know what it's called, but whatever it is, it is shitloads of fun.
The story with your granny is hilarious.

I can add a small story myself, which I've posted on my blog some time ago. It's about this guy I met who (after some hot encounter at a bar) gave me his number. I sent him a text message and called him the next day, but it was the number of some random latina woman.

Some weeks ago I met this dragqueen at a bar who gave her hot encounter her businesscard so he could call her the next day. In fact, it was a businesscard she got from another guy just minutes before. I found this to be a truly evil and hilarious trick.

Here's another one: my unlce gratudated from High School some years before me, and he had the same English teacher that I had. She had this small incredibly old Citroen ("Ente") parked in a one-way street. So he and his friends lifted the car and turned it 180 degrees around, so it would stand in the completely wrong direction. Sadly, the suspensions of the car got severly damaged during that procedure ...

Usually I become the victim of such evil tricks. Last summer, me and Lisa had this fight going on in the office, where we would spill water on each other when the other person wouldn't expect it.

So one day, I went to the bathroom. But I didn't go into the toilet but was at the sink brushing my teeth. Suddenly, i heard SWOOOOSH and the whole toilet was under water. I looked around and heard Lisa from the women's toilet asking "... are you not in the toilet?!?"

It turned out that she has had a chair and a whole bucket of water prepared in the women's toilet, and everybody in the office except me knew about it and was just WAITING for me coming out of the toilet soaked.
Wow, clemenska, that's some mean trick ... Someone could have warned you, really!
My classmates once locked a geography teacher in the classroom when she forgot the keys on the outer side of the door. I don't think I have to tell you she was pissed. I, on the other hand, thought it was extremely funny so I pulled the same prank on our mayor once ... I was passing his house and I noticed his keys were outside in the keyhole so I locked him in and rang the bell. ho, ho, ho from me:)
hm ... let me think a bit.
And there's something I found really funny, although I didn't have much to do with it ...
About a month ago I went to Vienna to visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum and in there you have to leave your stuff in the wardrobe up left. So I gave my backpack and one euro and the guy at the counter gave me a euro and 50 cents in return. It was not a prank, but it made me jolly when I found that out.
and my grandmother's boyfriend was this big ass director in his better director so he had a very expensive car and a private driver that liked to drink a lot. So once while he (my grandma's boyfriend) was having a business lunch he noticed that the driver left the keys in the car and just ran into the bar to get a quick schnapps, so he quickly sat into the car and moved it a couple of meters. When the poor driver came back he got so scared he nearly pissed his pants;)
Wow, I am getting really excited about this prank stuff! I hope as many people as possible will write something about it, I really really want to get some good ideas for a prank that I could pull on someone.
You know, you should see an episode of MTV's Homewreckers with Ryan Dunn. In every episode, he demonstrates a couple of pranks everyone can do at home - and they look like pranks that might actually even work!

So tune in on MTV! :P
On April first, when my sister and I were around 12 years old, we simulated a burglary in the living room of my parents. We took away the cd-player and threw some pots and plants on the floor. Unfortunately I have never been good at not laughing at these occasions, so it didn't take much time before my father understood it was a joke.

Another time me and a good friend told the girl at McDonalds that we wanted to have a flower cabbage milkshake. She answered that it was not in the assortiment, which surprised us as we had just ordered it the other day in another branche. After we insisted she went asking her manager...

More often I was the victim of pranks. When I was ten my sister wrote me a letter coming from the bank. She did it on coloured copy letter head (which was really unique in those times), stating that I had won a trip to the Carribean.. It took quite some months before I could see the fun in it...
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