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You for sure know those nasty items on your to-do lists. Those issues that stay on the list for days and months, where you know that one day you will have to deal with it but you keep on postponing it? I always have 2 or 3 such items on my to-do list.
This weekend I travelled twice 3 hours in the train – to Salzburg and back home to Vienna. And I used the usually very boring time in the train to tackle 2 of my long time guest on the to-do list. I am super proud of myself now and despite having a relaxing family weekend with excellent food I feel I was very productive!

See, I'm quite the opposite, Admittedly I do love lists. I love writing lists, crossing things off lists, making sub lists within lists, colour coding lists, but my one rule is that they're always hidden from everyone else. I use lists as a means of refreshing my life and 'starting from new,' so to day, generally at those times when my self esteem is low. Anyway, it's those nasty items which give me a strange kind of thrill, the anticipation is a kind of challenge. What I'm intrigued about are those nasty items on your list...
well, the picture is not actually one of my lists... usually my lists are on my laptop in excell or word format, depending on what they are about...
they also help me to organise my chaos, to sleep better

nasty things on my list.. well, one of them is always completing reimbursement forms. the moment I am done with it, i get a new invoice for reimbursemtnts.

and then there are other things, where one needs time to do them,... time and concentration. and then I never start them, because i have othere things in mind. at the end they only take a view hours but it takes me ages to get going.

more detailed answers in mail ;-)
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