Dienstag, November 01, 2005



So – I have been in Moscow. My first time in Russia, so far I have never made it further east then Minsk. Vika picked me up from the airport and it took us almost 2 hours to get to the hotel. Then we continued the journey to the office of NYCR – another hour in the car. Diogo in the mean time was stuck with diverse plane delays in Frankfurt and landed hours later then supposed to. We had a wonderful dinner in an Uzbek restaurant and a romantic tour of Moscow by night – in the car again, what else? So all in all I spent all my birthday in cars, planes but mainly in traffic jams! And after the lady at the reception tried desperately to find out under which of his 6-10 names Diogo is registered and should check in I found out that she speaks perfect German and that everything could have been much easier then talking with the hands and signs trying to make her understand English! So the most impressive thing in Moscow is the traffic and some really beautiful buildings such as the Kremlin and the Stalin towers all over town!

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