Dienstag, Oktober 18, 2005



I am back in Vienna after a weekend in Mollina and 2 days in Glasgow. I will share with you my cultural observations now. Apart from noticing once more how enormously loud bagpipes are, I spent a whole evening wondering if also girls are not allowed to wear anything under their Scottish skirts. I was told that you have to have some Scottish blood in your vanes to get the answer to this question. In addition, they have some prominent traffic features. Not only that they drive on the other side, also their traffic lights are compared to the continental ones hugely oversized! Not only that the lights as such are really oversized, but also the guys on them are really tall! I think they are actually trying to pretend to be Dutch man or so. Apart from that I tasted whiskey, ate home made toffees, had cooked breakfast and got to know interesting people from Solidar, the European Anti-Poverty Network, ILGA-Europe, Euro-Child and the European Women’s Lobby. So all in all, it was successful 2 days for networking in the social cohesion NGO scene!

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