Mittwoch, Oktober 12, 2005


goldfish sun

Sometimes you meet people and just like them immediately. It is like love at first sight for friendship. I mean you get introduced to a person and start talking and behaving as if you have known each other for years.

Now I know that friends’ introducing their friends to you is like a quality check. I mean your friends are people you like and appreciate, so the likelihood of them having other friends that are really nice and fit your taste is high.

It is really nice to meet those people, the people being on your wavelength. You feel understood, you know exactly what they are talking about when they tell their stories, you just feel very close to them even if you know them only for a view hours. It does not happen often that you find people just like this, but when it happens it really makes you life a little sunnier. Lucky me, I have such a sun now in Strasbourg!

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