Montag, Oktober 03, 2005



I have been in Guimarães this weekend for the joint commission meeting of the European Affaires commission and the Council of Europe Affaires commission. I can tell you that Guimarães is a very beautiful town and I do understand that it is a world heritage! In addition it was wonderful that it was sunny and warm and one could even sit outside in the evening! I have to admit that I am still not accustomed with Portuguese food but we had a very successful meeting. I think we have outcomes that are important for the work in the upcoming weeks and we also combined it with good wine and fun in the evenings. That is the kind of meeting I really like!

You'll be more than welcomed in Guimarães whenever you want!
I might come back to this offer after my mandate when i have holidays again ;-)
I would also invite you to Viana, but as you don't like portuguese food you don't deserve it ;-)

Or did you enjoy it finally?

Ah, and I'm very disapointed with your post! No comment on the warmth of the portuguese people.

These bloody Austrians!
My dear-

I would be happy to see Viana. And as you cac read in this entry I do like portuguese people very much.

But being in Portugal with the joint commissions meeting I just met more other europeans then portuguese people.

The ones i had contact with were very nice though :-)
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