Samstag, September 24, 2005



I am really wondering if I get old. Lately I find myself more and more to talk to strangers. When I arrived last Sunday night back home from Brussels and the social-inclusion working group an Australian philosophy professor with an Einstein-Hair-cut asked me for information about the way to town and we started to talk. I enjoyed it and gave him a guided tour through town and went home only with the last tramway. I did not even ask for his name in 2 hours. Today, after a very successful youth event and a minister’s conference that has all our (youth) main points in the officially adopted reports from the working groups. I arrived at the railway station and just missed my train, so I had to wait for almost 2 hours. I sat down and started to talk to a professor from Wageningen agricultural university for the next hour. So Either I just develop a severe fetish for professors or I am a really desperate lonely person. Anyway, happy that the last week went great and that another big event is over.

Let's try it again after accidentally deleting my own comment.

Talking to people one doesn't know for ages is in fact quite strange for Austrians ("fremdln"). But it's less about you getting old than about Austrians generally being pretty misanthrophic.

By the way, is this funny function new for posting comments? It shows a somehow graphically distorted word and asks me to retype it ... ruenuxme ... whatever that is. Sounds somehow basque to me.
this funny word posting is to protect my blog from comment spaming and commercial offers!
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Still love me?
I think I am gonna be a professor..Just read your blog...


the guy from Holland u met in Madrid....;-)
(c my blogger name)
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