Donnerstag, Oktober 20, 2005



I had my first visa experience today! So far, whenever I had to travel to a place where I needed visa, I either got it directly at the border or someone else organised it for me. When I got it at the boarder, I was sometimes cheated and paid a little more, but generally I had never any difficulties. Today I tried to get my visa for Russia. First I waited in front of the embassy for ages, and I can tell you it was freezing today in Vienna. Beautiful blue sky but really cold. Finally inside the building I told the guy that I would need to travel on the 20th already and he said. “You are not going to travel”. Once he saw my invitation from the Russian Ministry for foreign affaires he quickly changed his mind. But I paid 150 euro for the f…. visa.
Diogo, who I am travelling with, also got his visa today, for the same duration of stay, and he only paid 100 euro. Really interesting concept this whole visa thing.
Anyway, I have my visa and I am off to Moscow early morning.

We send you all our warmest Happy Birthday wishes to Moscow and hope they will keep you from freezing there! Take a lot of pictures and tell us all about it when you come home again. Looking forward to seeing you.
Big hug,
Lisi and Gregor
Ш ащкпще ьн сфьукф!!!
i forgot my camera!!!!
Sweety, you don't need a camera as all the pictures you post on your blog are stolen from the net anyway :)
this why i this time wanted my own pictures!!!!!
I brazileiro is brasileiro
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