Donnerstag, Oktober 13, 2005



I am a bit ill. So I did not really work the last 2 days. I only answered some of my e-mails and for the rest of the time I was lying lazily on my couch! And I can tell you – it was simply splendid.

Now Mariana,my bureau colleague from Moldova came to visit me and we go to Mollina, Spain together tomorrow for the bureau meeting. I still did not get over my laziness, so I am not very entertaining for her!

And now – Vanja, chair of ESIB just called. She missed her train connection in Vienna due to a delayed flight and has to stay here for a night. So she will pass by and we are going to have a lazy evening with Moldovan wine!

Tell Mariana to bring Moldovian Champaign next time as well...It's... delicious!!!
Mariana asks how you got to drink moldovan champaign
Moldova Airways serves it (in different colours), then I drunk it in Chisinau and now we are getting it to NL. Cricova Rules!
I so much understand you. I already hate only thinking about going out, and actually I have decided that there is no reason to leave the house for the next six month or so.
Seems you have great entertainment there in NYC - cause in vienna, if you are fed up of pizza and asien stuff you have to buy food and the amazon man sometimes brings your dvd's only to the next post office and not to your flat door - and i can promise you - TV programme is not sufficient for 6 months! But the thought - well, the thought i understand!!!!
I envy you for having the time to be lazy ... I so hate being a regular student! ;))
is tihs bela sou brazileiiro nao sei falar eglis
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