Freitag, Februar 24, 2006


the big move

This is the big movement weekend. Sigi is moving from the 2nd to the 7th district. Peter, Babsi and Jules are moving from the 2nd to the 7th district. Albert is moving in with me coming from the 9th to the 2nd. I will miss my nuclear family… a lot. But I am also looking forward to my new flatmate. But definitely, this weekend will change my living a lot.

I like Barbara's haircut. Obviously she has a fabulous hairdresser.
you can count on that ;-)
Considered done. the 7th district is so so cool, and bettina when you have things to do in the 14th district you can pass by with the U3. looking forward to talk on the balcony.
And how are you now, after all those changes?
Hör mal auf, mir so komische SMS zu schicken :-D
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