Sonntag, Februar 19, 2006


never ending story

The Training course for the new advisory council members actually went quite well; a lot of nice people who seem to be highly motivated all together. It was very good to get to know them already prior to the actual meeting here in Strasbourg again in 10 days. Hope they all understand a bit more what co-management is about now.

But now that they all left, the youth center is ghost like and I am the last remaining one as my train only departs past 22 o’clock. But I charged my iPod well and my computer, I have 3 policy papers to comment on – the one on sustainable development, the one on diversity and equality and the one on social inclusion – so also enough work for the ride.

Still I found out, that no matter how well I am prepared, trains make me very melancholic… let’s see how I manage this time.

Hello Bettina :) I've found your blog via alldifferent-allequal :) That's amazing that you have still time to write it - with all your tasks!

sweety darling!

i'm writing so that i only break one of the promises i made you yesterday... and not the other.

i got sucked into watching 4 marvelous episodes of 'lost' back-to-back... passed out on my friends couch... and just now returned home. ps: the hottie doctor did not show his butt in any of them... but the korean woman did get scandalously dressed in a bikini for just a moment before her evil husband forced her to cover up.


in classic lucas form i did some funny embarrassing shit today... but i'll tell you about that later.

and i learned over chocolate fondue that the word in spanish for the shape of my nose refers to an eagle. so i have a fucking bird beak. doesn't that make me feel special. :)

i also just realized i don't know where strausburg is. austria? germany? france? is it near my #1 vacation spot: chechnya?

ex oh!
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