Freitag, Februar 17, 2006


strasbourg calling

I am going to Strasbourg again; this time for the training course of new members of the Advisory Council. There are several good things about this trip.
First and foremost it is only a 2 days trip this time, so much easier to survive. But also it is an activity with lots of interesting people. I know already many of them, but there are also some who I have never seen before.
As I am responsible in the Youth Forum for the Council of Europe I will work with all these Advisory Council members rather intensely till the end of the year, so of coarse I am curious who these people are, where they come from, what motivated them and so on.
I am going from Vienna to Strasbourg by train, so I also made sure to have lots of cheer up music on my iPod. Currently my biggest cheer up is Jack Johnson, I’m dancing on the streets because of him.

With this preparation everything should go well and I let you know if I met cool new folks.

What a olovely pic., Bettina! Milos, where are you now? it really you? Cannot recon you with all that hair:)

Enjoy strasbourg! Leave a little thing for me with Patrick, will you? Going there next Friday to repeat your loneliness:(
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