Donnerstag, März 16, 2006



I was in Toledo for the weekend. We had the Youth Forum bureau meeting there and also the General Assembly (GA) of the Spanish youth council (CJE) took place there.
During the bureau meeting we managed to decide, discuss, ratify more than 300 pages of documents and around 30 agenda points, amongst other things we agreed on 3 policy papers and the position paper on the world bank – which was long over due.
The CJE General Assembly was huge compared to other GA’s of National Youth Council that I have seen so far.
But best of all was being in Toledo. Toledo is amazingly beautiful and it was spring, if not summer in Spain already! So coming home on Tuesday evening after having had breakfast at 23°C at a balcony to a –3°C cold Vienna was not really fun.

Brrr... what a change of temperature :/ Poor you!

We also still don't have a nice spring temperature :(
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