Mittwoch, Februar 15, 2006



As I really enjoy online tests, I can only recommend this politics test to you! Go ahead!

But Bettina, you forgot to give us your result! That's half the point (or at least half the fun)! I turned out to be a Strong Democrat (i.e. not quite a Commie :-) )
I'm a socialist! and hilary clinton...argh
It seems all my friends and even staff members I am working with end up in the lower right corner. So either i do not have much diversity amongst my friends or all europeans are democratic socialists!

i am 70% social liberal and 18% economic liberal
I'm not sure if you should be that unhappy with the non-stratification of your friends ... after all, who wants to have totalitarians as friends? Or fascists?

Btw, Paul is a "Socialist" ... good sign, huh?
i just found out that one of my favorite staff members is a strong democrat, with his flag right in Bono's mouth.
I actually do have variety amonst my fiends!
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