Montag, Februar 13, 2006


he shoots an arrow in the sky

Moctezuma Ilhuicamina, or Moctezuma I (the surname meaning "solitary one who shoots an arrow into the sky") was born to an Aztec noble named Huitzilihuitl. He took power as Tlatoani of Tenochtitlan in 1440; he was preceded by Itzcóatl and followed by Axayacatl in 1469.

Moctezuma formed a triple alliance with two neighboring civilizations, Tlacopan (a small sovereign kingdom) and Texcoco. In this skillfully crafted Triple Alliance, when a new territory was conquered 4/5ths of that territory would be divided between the Texcoco and the Aztec and the remaining 1/5th would be given to Tlacopan.
Among the Aztecs' greatest achievements, Moctezuma I and the King of Texcoco organized the construction and completion of a double aqueduct pipe system, supplying the city of Tenochtitlan with fresh water.
Moctezuma extended the boundaries of the Aztec empire beyond the Valley of México to the Gulf Coast. He subjugated the Huastec and Totonac peoples and thereby gained access to exotic goods such as cocoa, rubber, cotton, fruits, feathers, and seashells.

Dear Schatz, mayby yu could give the crowd a hint why you are refering to montezuma today.

thank you for widening my general education.

get well!
Uhhhmmm sweety, this was a very busy day for me and now I'm even more lost than I already was. I think you need a holiday.... Mexico maybe?
Holidays in Mexico would not be a bad thing. But actually I met a nephew of Montezuma in Moldova and he took revenge on me. go to Wikipedia and look up Montezumas revenge and it should be clear!
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