Montag, Jänner 02, 2006


the air that i breathe

I have bought myself a Christmas present – an ipod nano.
It’s a beautiful little darling and we have a very intense relationship. I feel like a film star since our love became real.
I walk on the streets of my little village with snow falling and listen to Katia Keres version of “All I want for Christmas” and felt like in this years Christmas film, starring Tim Allen, the little kid who just wants her daddy back.
I walk on the rainy street (rain makes the tonnes of snow melt and the whole mud really sucks) today and ABBA starts with “Where are those happy days, they seem so hard to find” and back it was, me in a very sad Hollywood drama where in the most woeful moment it starts to rain and my feet were wet and I was feeling blue.
Just a little later I entered the tramway and was listening to the “juke box jive” from the Rubettes, and I felt like in the middle of an Austin Powers film with this old tramway…
This all might not be new for you, who have had mp3 players before, but for me those are the first days I am listening to music on the streets and it feels great. I feel a bit weird and moody with all my ups and downs, depending on what I am listening to, but I feel important, so it is less irritating than it would usually be that I miss the one or other stop that I should get off the tram or metro by singing along something.
I’m off now to listen to some “dreadlock holiday” from 10cc to get a bit of Jamaica feeling here… was feeling funereally enough earlier today because of “ain’t no sunshine” from David Cassidy!

Oh my god, people who have no Nano simply have no clue how it feels like.

I myself forgot my Nano in Vienna, so I can TELL there's an emptiness left without the Nano.

Perfect ipod music is Madonna's latest album. True, it is very trashy, but as soon as you walk down the street the beat and stuff feels simply sensational.

One song I almost start with every time I leave the house is "Senegal Fast Food", by Amadou et Mariam with Manu Chao.
i just listened to senegal fast food... very dangerous stuff. it will make me feel like being part of a bollywood movie! and then - then i will dance on the streets and waggle with my colorful scarf! people will think i am insane, well maybe i am, but people woud notice it much quicker because of the waggle dance!
Be careful not to show your white headphones - people who don't have ipods are very jealous of people who have!!
It seems like you're completely occupied with your i pod and don't have time for blogs anymore :)
Now you can imagine how I feel travelling around with my 60GB iPod...
Life is so much more beautiful with a soundtrack, isn't it? ;)
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