Sonntag, Dezember 18, 2005


big apple

New York, New York.... Everyone told me I would like the city, strangely enough I did. Well, maybe not so strange considering that I had the most handsome tour guide one could wish for! Thank you Clemens.
New York is oddly familiar, I knew and recognised how NYPD cars, Fire brigade cars, school busses, metro wagons, taxis and even ambulance cars look like. Not only that through TV I was acquainted with the architecture and the sky line of the city, no, I also recognised the sounds of the town such as sirens of the above mentioned emergency cars…

And then the shops, well you have the fast food and clothing chains all over the world, but in New York I found many more known names such as Bloomingdales, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s and all that other stuff.

So all I can say is that I enjoyed as much as I could East village, Greenish village, Williamsburg and SoHo, I have tried to enlarge my cultural horizon by going to the Metropolitan and the Whitney museum and have been to corners and places that we all have heard of so many times such as the Empire State Building, the Chrysler building, the UN headquarters, the Times Square, the Statute of Liberty, Staten Island, the Broadway, the Rockefeller center with the christmas tree, Central park; as you see, even the street names sound familiar such as Park Avenue, Elm stree, Wall streett and many others, you name them.

So if you want to go to a place you have never been to and that is still immediately weirdly familiar, go to NYC!

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