Montag, Dezember 19, 2005


new york conversation

Scene 1; The protagonists of this play are 2 women, 50 something of age in a small Italian café on the Upper East Side:

A: “will Margery come with us to Europe this year? We have to see Prague this time!” (Editorial remark: there is a special exhibition on Prague in the metropolitan museum of arts right now and the café was very close to the museum)
B: “no, she told me she plans her surgery during summer.”
A: “surgery?”
B: “ yes, she needs to re-do all her plastic surgery”

Scene 2: The protagonists are 2 people walking on a street somewhere in Manhattan, both under 30

X: I’m kind of like exited…
Y: yes, it’s like… wow
X: I feel like … yahoo

Scene 3: The protagonist is walking on a street somewhere in Williamsburg; he’s under 30 and talking into his mobile phone:

C: Well, she goes hä, so he goes sure and then she was like booo, but he goes no no no, so I was kind of like why not, but she goes I want this sorted and he goes jaaaa…..

One more interesting fact at the end, New York City is down to 162 Starbucks… Not that one would notice, that there are “only” 162 left

regarding the 2nd scenario.... we all live in google world nowadays...

everything you want to know, as well that you don't want to know is on google
Tall and tan and young and talking
The boy from New York City goes walking
And when he make a
sentence he goes "aah"
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