Donnerstag, Dezember 15, 2005


news from nyc

more anecdotes from my meeting

• The ILO defines employment as 1 hours of paid work in the last 7 days
• The influence of globalization in young peoples lives can be best measured by how many 15-25 year olds work in tourist industry or on remittance flows per capita
• The obesity rate is in direct connection with the violent crime rate, the fatter people get the less likely they are involved in illegal drugs at young age and in violent crime, as a fat nerd does not get out of the house they obviously do not get involved in gang fights or find a heroine dealer, so more sugar for the world and everything would be so much more peaceful – apart from some people who run amok every now and then… but that could be made better by prohibiting weapons for everyone… ok, I said I would be anecdotal, so this is a whole new discussion… anyway, i know now why i was never involved in any violent conflicts
• The most reported reason that females from the UK get into conflict with the criminal justice system is that they are not paying their TV license
• 0,8% of the British at the last census reported that their religious believe is Jedi

nyc is could, freezing cold!

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