Dienstag, Dezember 13, 2005


Quiz time

I am currently at the Expert Meeting on Youth Development Indicators in New York. We had a speaker today who has mentioned in his biography, that was in the participants packs “Mr. X is an expert on correctional Education, on Education of Patriotism and the Historical Mission of Youth in modern Xxxx” So please guess which country this expert is from!

no no no... keep on guessing!
north korea?

hmmm... U.S.??? :-)
yes, one of yours, very good dominik
north corea or china
i would say china, people from north corea are not so able to travel around :)
exactely, china! I was hoping that someone of you would guess usa, but you are to bright! congratulations!
What did Marija win?
well, i think marija and dominik have to share the price. I will buy them a glühwein in wien!
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