Mittwoch, Dezember 21, 2005


all i want for christmas is...

Now it can come... I have assorted all presents; I have arranged my travel back home, childhood home! I have had the chance to catch up with most friends before heading country-wards and have attended 3 Christmas parties. I get the feeling though that I drank less mulled wine than ever before. Still, I will spend the 24th with packing the presents and decorating the Christmas tree – so should all be relaxing and a real holiday! So … driving home for Christmas

don´t i look good in granma´s socks? maybe that´s why i attract the attention of teenage cuties. that, and seeing awful pictures of me eating.
Leo sieht ja auch von Tag zu Tag besser aus....

Essen scheint grossartig gewesen zu sein, Angie schaut glücklich wie selten.
oh my, you've got yourself the same old Gilmore Girls poster Ferdinand and I are hosting in our entrance hall. Isn't it lovely?
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