Sonntag, November 27, 2005


hands up!

I have spent my Saturday night at a stand up improvisation comedy theatre show. I have to admit that it was simply great. The basic rule was, when you get bored you raise your hand, when enough hands are in the air the host of the evening will mention a warning to the actor on stage, if he or she changes his programme and the audience is happy again, he or she can stay on stage, if everyone is still bored, then he or she has to leave and it is the next actors term.
I watched 6 actors and had more then 2 hours great fun! Really fascinating how good the crew was and in which ways they reacted to the wishes for change from the public.
Afterwards we went to bendl, an original bar of it’s own kind. We were listening and singing along old Austrian songs, Austro-pop at it’s best! Really wonderful cultural evening!

mama leoneeeeeeeeeee!
I just moved to Spain... and I now have an EU passport!

I might be visiting Austria later on... or the IUSY Congress in Denmark. Perhaps we'll run into each other?

Lastly, I started my own blog you might enjoy:

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