Dienstag, November 01, 2005



Whilst writing this I am sitting in the train from Budapest to Salzburg. I am going home (yes indeed, Bettina is going home!!!) and want to see my family again – have not jet picked up my birthday presents! But the bad thing is – it is a 7 hours train ride and we are already half an hour late. First I had something to read, then I had the energy to do some work. Trains do take away all my energy quickly though! So I tried it with food, now I fell sick, really sick! Next thing was that the battery of my laptop was empty – so I had to find a place somewhere with an energy plug. Well I found it and now - best of all is, that I also share the compartment with a group of Hungarian 10 year olds on their way to Zurich! The more silent compartments do not have energy plugs.

I can tell you though, that these 10 year olds are better then Scottish toddlers! On my way from Malaga to Glasgow I was in a plane where 1 third of the passengers were between 5 and 48 months and 1 at the time minimum was screaming his or her lungs out. I have a dilemma now; I cannot make up my mind if Hungarian 10 year olds for 7 hours or Scottish toddlers for 3 hours is worse. Once I made up my mind I will tell you all about it!

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