Donnerstag, September 15, 2005


debt relief

Today i had my own personal debt relief. A court decided that my father has to pay me the money that he owes me. When he left he said
now we finally do not have to meet any longer
. I have to admit this is a strange statement to say, the last time I have met him in march 2001 – so it is not like I have been visiting him in a lot of unpleasant moments. Secondly it is general a strange thing to say for a father to his daughther. I have to admit though, that I am simply reliefed that this trial is over now…

congrats on your win in court :) by the way... this is the last comment I leave until you mention me in your blog... since I was not included in your favourite iberians :P I know it's sad I use blackmail but desperate times require desperate measures ;)
kisses from singapore
oh my god - what if Ana, Marcus, Marta, Ana, Patricia and co start like this as well! you like it when people feel pity for you?
it's not about pity it's about justice :P
Oh João, não é para quem quer :-)

Bettinaki, I'm happy to know that everything went well (or better, not well but OK for you) on court.

Best whishes...
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