Mittwoch, September 14, 2005


sigi sigi sigi

Sigi is a very impulsive friend of mine.

She will definitely never leave a doubt about what she thinks about things and be very explicit and positioned in her opinion. There is no one else where I would be so absolutely sure that she would defend me like a lion mum her kids when anyone wants to hurt me. When going out she can be a real entertainer, leading the group with her humour and assuring a good time for everyone. She is a wonderful trustworthy and reliable friend. In her blog she will mainly write about Austria, so sorry guys, the blog is in German!
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    you are so crazy! I've never been more so nicely embarrased in my whole live.

    dear bettina, you queen of madness, I will never forget our first contact in hartberg where you get to know me from my weakest side, but from this moment on I liked you very much and always tried to stay in contact with you, even when you are thousands of miles away.
    XXX your lion mum
    and you managed to bring me through south africa!
    well I have to say, i'm quite jealous....
    start writing your blog and I will introduce it here!
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