Mittwoch, Juni 20, 2007


the graduate

My baby brother is – as the name explains – a baby. Fortunately he is that baby only in my memory. This still very strong and present memory makes it difficult to accept that he is now 19, has a job, has a car and lives an almost independent live. Last week he graduated from high school, since then he arrives back home when I have breakfast. He burnt his maths books and notes, he has his alternative civilian service arranged for the fall, and he is kinda grown up now, well, he still lives with our mum. Scary thing that is, cause in inference it means I am getting really old.

hurei hurei

hurei hurei
congrats to your brother!

by the way I still got 340 days before getting old and not being trustworthy anymore... About time to do something out of it ;)

hugs and to very soon
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