Freitag, Mai 11, 2007


what i have been up to

It has been an exiting few days. I had the opportunity to meet many or the youth forums member organisations, but most importantly, I was invited to attend the seminar and board meeting of ESIB, my home base in the youth forum.
First I was at the IFM-SEI (International Falcon Movement – Socialist Educational International) conference in Vienna, congratulations to Tamsin and Tim who got entrusted to be the new leadership of the organisation. It was good to see how passionate people were about out of school education and the empowering and liberation character of education.
After this I moved on to the European Guides and Scouts conference in Slovenia. This is a joint conference of WAGGGS (the world association of girl guides and girl scouts) and WOSM (the world organisation of the scout movement). I have never heard so many quotes of one person on only one day; Baden-Powell really has a fan club that is huge. Though it was very new for me to see so many young people in differently coloured uniforms. Congratulations to the new leadership, especially to Henrik, one of my predecessors as a president of the youth forum, who was elected into the leadership of WOSM. Right from there I flew to the place where Baron Baden-Powell was born almost exactly 150 years ago, to London.
London these weeks is the capital of European Higher Education policy, not only that ESU – the European Students Union (formally known as ESIB- The National Unions of Students in Europe) has its board meeting, but also the Ministers of Education will meet there in a couple of days time. It is the Ministers conference that is taking place every second year in the framework of the Bologna Process, this time London, first time with the obligation for every country to bring a student representative in their national delegation. It was not only very pleasant to come home to ESU, but also to be in the UK and meet up with old friends and find time for new friends.

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