Sonntag, Mai 20, 2007


my odd village

Living in a small town has its own flair. Most of the times I tend to agree with Lou Reed, when it comes to small towns. Especially as I am of the opinion that trees are evil and just make me cry. But there are also many odd things happening on the countryside.
I was at a electric shop to buy a new mobile phone with the credits I collected through the long term customer bonus program. And the shop assistant – wondering why I had so many credits, asked me why I have such a high phone bill and what I am working and how I got there and all of this. Never did anyone try to find out so much about me in a big store in Vienna.
The bank assistant ran out of the bank when seeing me on the market square to ask me something about my account.
At the super market the cashier asked me what I am going to cook with the ricotta, as she never saw anyone buying it and was wondering what it is.
So many odd situations, so many childhood memories and still I feel like a tourist there, it is not my home anymore, it used to be and it is still very familiar, but it is not anymore - i grew out of it, but it seems it did not grow out of me.

Wow, It's really good!
what a beautiful last paragraph :)
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