Dienstag, Mai 29, 2007


on the train again

Trains. I spend a lot of time on the train lately. I came to the conclusion that they are at the end of the day not so annoying as I have been preaching for the last years to my ESIB and YFJ colleges.
Going from Salzburg to Vienna by train functions as a debriefing for me. Slowly moving from family life back to working life - meter by meter; listening to the sounds of the railroads (just in the background because of the iPod), feeling the movement of the train, dozing my way to Vienna, ruminative. You might think I know the landscape by now, but no, actually I discover something new each time I watch the countryside passing by my window.
Usually I am mainly in cities and towns, where I do not really notice much about the specificities that the seasons have to offer. Now having a closer look at the rural parts of Austria I can see the differences in the vegetation and I am enjoying the different shades of green. I tell you, it is almost as relaxing as watching the foam on top of the waves at the seaside.

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