Dienstag, April 10, 2007


queer easter 07

I have been a week in the educational centre of the German Falcons now. A week long on one place did not only do my back a lot of good, my constantly complaining shoulder feels a lot better now, but also made me go through a very intense educational experience. The Activity was hosted by ECOSY, IUSY and IFM-SEI. Seminars in the Kurt Löwenstein Haus are always done with a specific educational method, which is letting young people work on a topic not only by debating it or writing resolutions about it but in a more indirect or creative way. As I am the rest of the year mainly involved in resolutions drafting and conference style activities this was a very welcome change. Through different media such as music, campaigning, pod cast, blogging the participants worked on the seminar topics. In addition, if you put 90 young people in a house in the middle of nowhere they will become friends. For me it was not only intense because of the recovery of my shoulder or because of making new friends, no I was also catching up with old friends (see also here). Berlin was nice to me this week, the sun was shining, I met a prince and I let my soul dangle whilst counting freckles. Sometimes all you need to be happy is on one place, this weekend my happiness visited me in Berlin.

Hi nice Blog ! Greats from Germany . Brixx
That's so sweet

Happiness visited me too during Queer Easter.

I've spent 23 years feeling unhappy and realised during Queer Easter that I don'y have to
It was a great week ! thanks for all ;) kiss
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