Mittwoch, März 28, 2007


inter cultural dialogue

Sometimes I have the feeling that activities aimed for intercultural dialogue do not much more but confirm stereotypes.

but which would be a better place to discuss the dialugue between cultures then Istanbul.

So what is culture?
We define culture as a set of values, norms, institutions and artefacts– we must be aware that there are many cultures even within cultures. All of them ideological, sociological and technological subsystems of our societies that govern interactions between people. Culture therefore refers to consumption of goods, productions of goods, construction of meanings and social relationships. Addressing intercultural learning within an organisation and beyond therefore implies a complex set of measures. All recommendations from the symposium here should be based on the principal “nothing about us without us” which is essential for the sustainability of intercultural dialogue. I think this is a tuff job to perform and I am curious how the symposium continues and lets see if it reaffirming preconceptions or actually scrutinizing them.

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